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Proof of status is requested, before registration approval, for radiologists in training! Send as soon as possible but no latter than April 15, by eMail:

If not available, write full post address

It is not required but is highly recommended to fill-in the following details about your hospital, to increase your chance that your application will be selected, as these are part of the priority criteria!

You may ask low-cost accommodation at the venue hotel (Guest-house of the Medical University) on a first-to-apply first-served basis.
Comfort level 2*/3*. Some of the rooms share the bathroom: two rooms (that is 3 or 4 beds) sharing a bathroom.
Prices are in Euro for 1 night, including breakfast. The course starts Tuesday in the morning and finishes Friday late afternoon.

Payment for the registration fee as well as for the accommodation at the venue (if requested) will be made by selected applicants (selection scheduled April 15 - April 29), by Bank transfer or Credit card, no latter than May 25. Send the registration form earlier and you may receive an answer earlier to have more time for travel arrangements!

A few grants for travel and accommodation (200 E or 350 E) will be provided by ESPR for very-low-income countries, on a first-come first-served basis. A proof of overall income should be provided if a grant is requested, as soon as possible but no latter than April 15, by eMail ( The reimbursement will be made only after the end of the course; proof of costs will be necessary.

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